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The Underground
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Discover little-known marketing strategies that put your startup in “hyper growth” mode.

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The Underground Marketer Podcast
The Underground Marketer Podcast
Episode 63 - Eliminate Your Fears and Get Started with Aaron Marcus

About the show

Do you know a secret that your competitors don’t know? Fact: riches await those who know what others don’t. The same is true in marketing. If you’re using the same dated growth strategies, if you’re not at the edge of the curve, your business doesn’t stand a chance. If you’re an ambitious entrepreneur, marketer, or even new founder looking to grow your business rapidly and have a knowledge advantage against the competition, then this podcast is for you. 

I’m known as the secret “Ace” high-profile entrepreneurs hire behind the scenes to get the big moves working, and inside this podcast I’ll break down big marketing ideas and hyper growth strategies into easy to implement steps that you can apply right away inside your business. List building, lead generation, finding new opportunities, maximizing the use of your existing assets, mindset, content, sales funnels, brand building and everything you need to accelerate your business growth are all discussed inside on a weekly basis. New episodes every are released every Monday, and they are usually explorations of a specific marketing topic and sometimes interviews with other underground marketers making it big

Meet the Host

Tudor Dumitrescu

Hey, nice to meet you! I love helping high-profile online entrepreneurs build successful online businesses. I have worked for two Inc. 500 entrepreneurs (top 500 fastest growing companies in the US), a Google Premier Partner (only about 800 in the entire world), and other high-profile internet millionaires. The speciality of my agency lies in sales funnels, and automating marketing systems so that owners can make more, while working less.

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