Episode 11 – Get Your Audience, THEN Get Your Product

It’s not WHAT you know, but WHOM you know. In business, we say that 80% of sales come from 20% of the clients. Therefore, identifying your top buyers is the key to growing your business. You have the power to choose your audience, so you need to invest in the customers that will do the … Read more

Episode 7 – 15 Simple Tactics to Build Your Network & Influence from Scratch

Building Relationships: The Art of Impactful Networking  Business and marketing are all about networking. You can’t make BIG MONEY as an entrepreneur or marketer if you don’t build relationships.  In today’s episode, I’ll go over the importance of relationships and walk you through the most powerful techniques for becoming a pro at building impactful connections … Read more

Episode 6 – Could Your Thoughts Control Your Marketing Results?!

How Changing How You Think Will Make You a Better Marketer In today’s episode, I’ll go over the significance of mindset when it comes to marketing success. Very often, entrepreneurs start from learning the technical aspect of marketing skills rather than getting into the right mindset first. The truth is that both of these are … Read more

Episode 2 – How to Develop a Midas Touch with Your Marketing

How to See Opportunities Everywhere and Make Your Business Thrive!  In today’s episode, I’m bringing opportunities to the table. What’s their essence, and how to spot them? Entrepreneurs identify inefficiencies and take advantage of them by creating value & wealth. And I’ll explain how you can do the same. 3 Big Ideas Entrepreneurs make money … Read more