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Episode 12 – Could You Refuse This Offer?

Make an Offer No One Can Refuse: Figure Out What They Want, Appeal to Their Emotions & Justify With Logic In the previous episode, we discussed the importance of choosing the right audience – one that has money, is hungry, and they’re proven buyers. Now, granted this audience is well-chosen,

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Episode 8 – How to Write Your Own Check (100% Legally!)

How to Turn Words Into Cash Have you ever struggled to craft sales messages that get your prospects to take action? Indeed, until you learn its underground principles, you’ll have a hard time selling through writing.  In today’s episode, I’ll demystify the secrets of writing that sells and show you

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Episode 6 – Could Your Thoughts Control Your Marketing Results?!

How Changing How You Think Will Make You a Better Marketer In today’s episode, I’ll go over the significance of mindset when it comes to marketing success. Very often, entrepreneurs start from learning the technical aspect of marketing skills rather than getting into the right mindset first. The truth is

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