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Episode 23 – Why Good Habits Are Not Enough

The Secret to Productivity and Success  In today’s episode, I’ll talk about mindset. More precisely, something that greatly interests those who want to succeed: willpower vs habits. Basically, there are these 2 opposing camps that have completely different ideas about what it takes to make it. Some believe that you

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Episode 20 – Don’t Imitate… Steal What Works

Analyse Buyers & Sellers for Gaps in The Market In today’s episode, I’ll discuss the very important topic of market research. Over the years, I’ve noticed that many new entrepreneurs don’t know how to do market research. Actually, they don’t even understand the importance of it. However, when you start

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Episode 19 – When Too Much Knowledge Is Bad For You

Why Reading Books May Be an Addiction That’s Holding You Back In today’s episode, I’ll address a topic that often comes up among our listeners: reading. We are told that people don’t read books anymore, but what happens when they read too many? Since information is so widely available nowadays,

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