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Episode 39 – Why Marketing Is More Important Than Selling

Selling Is a Transaction. Marketing Is Everything Before That.  In today’s episode, we’ll consider the sales vs. marketing debate. Many entrepreneurs mix the two together when they should be kept apart. While sales will help you gain traction in the beginning, marketing is what will ultimately help you scale your

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Episode 37 – How Gratitude Makes You More Productive 

Practice Gratitude and Shape Your Best Life In the last 2021 episode for the Underground Marketer, I want to talk about something that’s in theme with the season: gratitude. It’s not a subject that’s often talked about in business circles, but the idea that I want to put forward is

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Episode 35 – Is Sales Just a Numbers Game?

Quantity vs. Quality  In today’s episode, I want to talk about sales. The reason why I chose this topic is that many people complain that they can’t get clients. While I agree that it’s hard to build customer loyalty, especially as a service-based business, the main mistake here is that

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