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Episode 48 – Selling with The Velocity Mindset with Ron Karr

Achieve Bigger & Better Results – FASTER! In today’s episode, it’s my pleasure to engage in discussion with famous speaker and author Ron Karr. He is a sales success expert, award-winning speaker, and author of 5 books, including a best seller and the newly released Velocity Mindset. Through his presentations

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Episode 47 – Why Meditation Will Not Help You Make More Money 

How to Actually Fix Procrastination  In today’s episode, I want to talk about mindfulness and how it relates to productivity and success in business. Nowadays, there are many gurus, celebrities, and other important people that swear by meditation. However, I think that it’s just a temporary trend that offers no

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Episode 46 – Why Branding Isn’t Just for Big Businesses

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat  In today’s episode, I want to discuss branding in the context of small businesses. Many people say that branding is not important and it’s even nonexistent among small businesses. They say that SMBs don’t have the necessary resources to make branding effective for them and that you’re

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Episode 43 – Copywriting Is NOT Salesmanship in Print

Sell in Person, Scale in Writing In today’s episode, I want to make you aware of the difference between selling in writing vs. selling in person. The biggest reason for this difference is that the real power of salesmanship comes from the personal connection with your audience. When you are

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Episode 42 – Start Conversations Effortlessly & Make Sales Easy

Understanding the Sales Process Is the Key to Scaling In today’s episode, I’ll cover another sales-related topic: how to effectively start sales conversations. Not many people know how to do this. As a result, most conversations end before they even start. If you can’t pull in the right people, there

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Episode 41 – Sales Is NOT About Making Friends

Do You Want People to Like You or Do You Want to Make Money? In today’s episode, I’d like to talk about something very important relating to sales. One mistake that many entrepreneurs make is that they consider sales to be a process of making friends. For example, they start

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