Activating The Prospect’s Emotions is The Key to Being Successful in Sales

Humans were able to conquer the world because of our distinctive ability to reason.  Yet, no matter how rational you think you are, the truth is we are all slaves to emotions.  Dale Carnegie once said, “when dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion.”  So … Read more

Market Sophistication: How to Tailor your Message to your Market

What’s one of the main reasons why marketing campaigns fail? It’s not the competition.  It’s not how much you invest in the campaign.  Nor the copy.  Nor the ads.  The reason is not knowing your market’s sophistication level – because it means you’re not tailoring your message to your audience. (Check out Episode 11 of … Read more

How Click Farming Can Cause You To Waste Your Facebook Ads Budget With Little To No Results

Have you ever struggled running successful advertising campaigns online? Did you waste your entire budget with little or no results? If so, did you manage to pinpoint the problem? Was it the ad design or the copy? The sales funnel, maybe? Or perhaps you never figured it out… Well, in today’s article, I will reveal … Read more

How To See Opportunities Everywhere?

Opportunities are fortunate contexts that one can successfully monetize. Once you get good at it, it’s like transforming everything you touch into gold. Seeking opportunities is essential for growing your business. Looking for opportunities is generally about finding inefficiencies. That’s why entrepreneurs do their thing, don’t they? They identify inefficiencies and take advantage of them … Read more