About Tudor

I’m a direct response copywriter & marketer. My passion lies in making your cash register ring. When that happens, I throw up my hat and celebrate, and I know you do as well 🙂

You see, I believe that all marketing must be accountable, and deliver results. And that’s what I focus on.

After spending 5+ years running a direct marketing agency, and 10+ years as a direct response copywriter, I’ve developed reliable strategies that deliver results.

I’ve also got the chance to see the workings, behind the hood, so to speak, of hundreds of businesses… the successful ones, and the failures.

And here’s what I’ve noticed:

This is the Number 1 Problem in Business…

Most businesses think they struggle because they don’t have enough sales.

And it makes sense… sales are visible, and they happen right at the end of the funnel.

So lack of sales is always first to be noticed.

However, the reason why businesses can’t turn their situation around is because the real problem isn’t lack of sales.

That’s just a symptom of a deeper problem.

And the deeper problem is a marketing issue. The business lacks a consistent flow of leads. However, they think they’re struggling because they don’t have enough sales.

Nowadays I help businesses turn this situation around, and go from unprofitable, to massively profitable… from small, to juggernauts. From lacking leads, to a flood of highly qualified leads…

And the secret key is all about effective marketing… identifying the right target market, crafting the right messaging for them, and creating the necessary systems to implement it.

Agency Owner, Podcast Host, Strategic Consultant

Today there are 3 words that describe me… (you can see them above!)

I own https://tanda.digital, my direct response agency helping clients implement automated marketing systems – I call them sales funnels.

I’m also the host of The Underground Marketer Podcast, dedicated to helping small business owners solve their marketing issues and becoming big businesses.

And finally, I work with a select few clients as a trusted advisor and business consultant. I develop and execute individualised plans to generate new revenue for digital brands. Sometimes this involves consulting, writing their copy, or advising on their marketing and business development strategy. If you think you’re qualified to work with me, feel free to send me a message here.

Next Steps…

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