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Me when I got tired of being a loser and decided to use my magic to go back to the 1920s to meet my copywriting masters and learn their dark arts...

As Never Seen On...

WARNING! Stop Scrolling, You’re About to Enter…

The Marketing & Sales Underground

Where Magic Still Happens and Lead Turns into Gold

And this place ain’t for everyone.

Because most people think that magic is bullshit. They don’t say it but…

They think that business success is about who knows who…

Or that the one with more money always wins.

Or that customers always buy the cheapest price.

Or my favorite… that they’re going to go “network” and get customers “by word of mouth”

And we all know how that one works out right? 🙂

In other words, the so-called “real” world has no magic in it. It’s devoid of unpredictability.

Boring people, doing boring things, and expecting exciting results.

Call me crazy, but isn’t that insane?!

The truth is that you’ll never get rich doing business as usual… nobody does. To make boatloads of money and truly catapult your business to the next level of growth you need…


MAGIC gets results like these… 👀

And with MAGIC, you can beat better-funded competitors.

Think about Apple… Apple is selling a very expensive phone (not the cheapest), against competitors that have been doing it for YEARS by the time Apple entered the market.

But they won… How?


I told you that I’ll teach you how to turn lead into gold here…

And here’s your first lesson.

You will never turn the PHYSICAL components of lead into the physical components of gold.

This isn’t what this is about.

No, instead you’ll turn the meaning and value of lead into the meaning and value of gold.

Because meaning and value are all about perception.

And if you change people’s perception, you change the meaning and value they get out of doing business with you.

Think about it…

I put in front of you two identical pens.

And while holding a gun to your head (yep, that’s how it goes in the underground, I did warn you, didn’t I?!)…

I tell you to sell me the one on the right, rather than the one on the left.

What do you do?


You’re stuck right?!

You don’t know how to do it!

What could you possibly say to convince me to buy the one on the right (that was the one, right?) when it’s the same as the one on the left? Why don’t I get the one on the left?!


Shall I pull the trigger?!

I’ll pull it…

Alright… Alright, enough crying, let me give you a hint.

What if I told you that the one on the right was the pen used by Albert Einstein when he first wrote his theory of special relativity… would that help?

I see… you’re beginning to see the light.

Physics doesn’t matter.

Psychology does.

There is no magic but death in physics.

But there is magic, life, and BIG MONEY in psychology.

Time is running up for today… so let’s continue this conversation by email. Join me 👇

What Other Business Owners Think…

“I’ve worked with Tudor over the years to help with marketing, sales and business development. His expertise and customer service is excellent – advising me what not to do and what to do for my coaching and training business. He really knows his stuff and goes above and beyond in responsiveness and service across traditional and digital marketing.”
Sarah Jones, Career & Leadership Coach
United Kingdom, June 01, 2020

“Tudor helped me set up an online business from scratch. His help has been invaluable in terms of marketing and reaching out to new customers, building a high converting website, landing pages and structuring a sales funnel. He is currently sitting on our Board and has been in charge with overseeing the sales and marketing department. With his marketing strategies, we were able to get a head start in a competitive industry. It’s easy to see that he has worked for top entrepreneurs out there and understands the strategies required for high-growth in this hyper-competitive online market.”
Vlad Radulescu, eCommerce Business Owner
United States of America, September 10, 2019

“I could not imagine a better service than what Tanda have provided. It was so fast, showing initiative in interpreting my wishes, and producing an excellent result.”
Walter Hay, Author
Australia, August 12 2020

“Tudor’s marketing expertise and help have proven invaluable in helping me build my brand & take the right decisions to grow my consulting/coaching business. He is a fantastic strategic consultant and his agency can help sort out practical things that you need such as website development & design, copywriting and marketing assets needed to grow your business.”
Edmond Abramyan, Coach, eCom Business Owner
United States of America, August 30, 2021

“Tudor’s work is converting a whopping 45% better than some of our other similar pages. Very excited about future work. The delivery speed and communication was top notch.”
Robertas Remeika, Performance Marketer
Lithuania, June 04, 2018

“Writing is deceptively difficult because it seems like something you can do yourself but in practice, writing that sells is a professional skill that takes years to master. I’ve spent far too long writing my own copy, and it’s still hard.. and it’s still mediocre, and I wish I had come across Tudor earlier.”
Alexander Friedman, Tutoring Business Owner
Japan, June 15 2021

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